Cooking Some Mini Non-Kneading Pizzas

Today we’ve got one tasty questionnaire for you and the only question is – would your choose one humongous pizza with 1 topping on it or would you rather have 16 mini-pizzas with 16 awesome toppings on it? We’re sure that just as it goes with mini cupcakes, the issue of cuteness and the versatility of choices within one dinner sit-down makes it pretty easy to pick. To me, it was a…

Grilled Cheese Pizza Recipe

Well, with all of its delightfulness and tastiness, this badass grilled pizza recipe was initilly crafted by me as I was preparing a dinner for my good old friend’s baby shower! Jessica is a fan of olives and all stuff grilled and barbequed, which by the way is crucial to this whole recipe being born. But, there aren’t any olives on this pizza. Rather than adding these little green things, it’s what I think…

Non-Meat Pizza with Shrimps and Asparagus!

How many non-meat pizza recipes, besides the 4 cheese and the Margarita do you actually know (and are able to cook)? Well, here’s another delightful food treat to be added to your mouth-watering collection! So, here goes the recipe! Step one: arrange a rack in the middle of the oven and turn the settings to its hottest – which is typically from 500° to 550°. Thenwards, heat up a small amount of..

Cooking the 4 Cheese Pizza

You know, despite the cheese, on par with the tomatoes being one of the most vital and basic ingredients for a pizza, I never really enjoyed it. Let alone having a pizza with just a cheese on it, like the kind of a pizza pie the 4 Cheese pizza is. So naturally, while I was growing up, my pizza of choice was always ham and pineapple (an almost proper Hawaiian pizza). I was pretty positive on…

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